The Joy of Cooking Milhouse

Hi, I’m Laurel. I’m a freelance writer, recipe developer, and Simpsons fan. I started writing Cooking The Simpsons for Paste Magazine in 2015 and, over the course of a couple of years, wrote 25 articles with original recipes. The series was shared by The Simpsons official social media and was featured on Australian news outlets (the opposite of a booting?). The premise was simple: the show contains countless dishes, recipes, and general food stuffs, and I did my best to recreate some of them. Each month I picked a classic episode and cooked up a featured food item, sometimes also making an edible/drinkable version if the original was, well, super gross (I’m looking at you Moon Waffles and Flaming Moe).

Since Cooking The Simpsons ended, I’ve missed making these whacky recipes. I decided to launch this blog to keep the magic going and share the results with you. Early posts feature recipes from my Paste days and a link to the original article, while new posts are the whole shebang right here on The Joy of Cooking Milhouse. Expect new posts and recipes a few times a month and follow on Instagram to keep up with the latest posts.

And should you need to get in touch, use the form below. Just DON’T WRITER NO MORE LETTERS TO MR. SINATRA.

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