“Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious” season 8, episode 13

I’ll accept any excuse to get the Simpsons singing. Inserting Mary Poppins (Shary Bobbins) into the cartoon household could feel a bit… lazy? But it works incredibly well. Marge desperately needs help (as always) so her arrival makes sense, and the musical numbers in The Simpsons are dependably a big highlight. It’s top-notch parody you want to sing along to (“might I add, no fat chicks?”).

Onto the edible stuff. After getting the Simpsons household into tip-top shape, Shary Bobbins says her goodbyes. But as she exits, everything immediately falls apart. She ends up staying and the family reverts to their old ways, with Bart refusing to make a game of cleaning up and instead playing “whipping cupcakes,” which is just tossing chocolate cupcakes over his head so they stick to the wall. Poor Shary Bobbins.

Whenever you’d like to piss off your nanny (or you’ve got a birthday party, bake sale, or are simply in the mood for chocolate), make these cupcakes. My chocolate cake recipe is flavorful, moist, and super easy. You can even make it without a mixer. The frosting comes from King Arthur Flour, and is ultra creamy and chocolatey. Perfect for sticking to the wall.

Whipping Cupcakes
Makes 24 to 28 cupcakes

For the cake: Use my cake recipe in this black forest cake. Add the batter to lined muffin tins, filling them 2/3 full. Bake for 14 to 17 minutes, until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool for a few minutes in the pan, then turn out and let cool completely on the cooling rack. Bonus: this cake is also great gluten-free! Just swap the flour for Bob’s Red Mill 1 to 1 Baking Flour.

For the frosting: I used King Arthur Flour’s chocolate frosting recipe from their classic birthday cake. One recipe is the perfect amount. I like to add a little extra salt and a tablespoon or 2 of heavy cream. Make sure you scrape down the sides of the bowl reeeeeally well after mixing for about a minute, then beat just until creamy and fluffy and well-combined. Don’t over-beat or it will separate.

Tip: If you’re serving these within 24 hours, you can store them in a covered container at room temperature. For longer storage, stick them in the fridge and bring them to room temp before serving.

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