The Joy of Cooking Milhouse

“Homie the Clown,” season 6, episode 15

Since I’m working my way up to the nacho hat, it’s time to tackle a more sculptural dish. None of this delicious cupcake crap. Let’s dig into some weird food that wouldn’t otherwise exist outside of a Simpsons episode.

And while The Simpsons is full of wonderfully bizarre food, for this month’s edition we’re focusing on the season 6 gem, “Homie the Clown.” Homer becomes so obsessed with attending Krusty’s clown school that he sees clowns everywhere he looks and makes a circus tent mashed potato sculpture, Close Encounters style. Read the rest of the article here and make your own mash-terpiece below.

Circus Tent Mashed Potatoes 
Serves a gaggle of clowns

2 (13.75-ounce) boxes of instant mashed potato flakes
Hot water

  1. Add the mashed potato flakes to a very large mixing bowl. Add enough hot water to make the mixture moist but stiff. Mix well and let cool until cool enough to handle.
  2. Add the mashed potatoes to a plate and use your hands to form into a circus tent shape, creating straight sides, a sloping top, and a pointed peak. Flag is optional.

Note: I found it easiest to use my (freshly washed) hands, and would dip my fingers in warm water when making the final touches to smooth everything out. I cheated a bit with the flag on top, covering a little paper flag I made using a toothpick with mashed potatoes.

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