Thanksgiving Turkey Purée and Leftovers Sandwiches

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“Bart vs. Thanksgiving,” season 2, episode 7

Thanksgiving is a time for family and ridiculous amounts of food, and what better family to spend your gluttonous holiday than The Simpsons?

This episode includes a number of food references, including a turkey purée at the old folks’ home (which I made! It was gross!), a whole holiday meal, and finally leftover sandwiches (which I also made, see below). Read the rest of the article here.

Late Night Thanksgiving Sandwiches

Leftover rolls or slices of bread
Leftover sliced turkey
Leftover gravy
Leftover cranberry sauce
Leftover Brussels sprouts

  1. Slice the rolls in half and toast the rolls or bread lightly on both sides.
  2. Starting on the bottom, add a layer of cranberry sauce, followed by turkey, sprouts, and gravy.
  3. Top with the roll tops or your other slice of bread.
  4. Eat!
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